Mobile Automation Testing

Overcome the challenges of diversified mobility ecosystem with our automation and manual mobile testing


Faster release cycles, variety of mobile platforms, wide array of devices, network diversity and device OEM fragmentation are some of the top challenges of mobile testing. We address all these challenges & fine tune the product performance blending our automation and manual testing capabilities. With our test automation, we ensure that your users don't dabble with the product interface irrespective of the environment and real-estate leading to superior omni-channel experience.

Our Offerings


Our mobile automation testing starts from test case development. We define various test scenarios and test cases. Followed by this analysis, our mobility testing services check the feasibility of automation and approach to be used to execute such an automation. We then define timelines and test cycles, set up mobile test lab, design automation framework and mobile CI setup.


Automated testing of mobile apps is challenging, but we are well versed with the creation of automation scripts for sanity and regression. We execute automation suite developed so far along with automated build verification. Our mobility testing services team also helps you with testing of re-usable components library, publishing automation reports and maintaining of automation scripts. The end result is a complete, error-free automated testing of mobile apps.

Support & Training

After a thorough analysis of our mobile automation, we hand over the automation artifacts, validate test reports, undertake RCA of failures, support reverse shadowing and exit after ensuring automation is working properly and the training is done.